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Epic Adventure, meets NFT, meets fantasy card game.

Immerse yourself in a brand new fantasy world, select your character follow the story and earn by battling other players for rewards. Log on daily to earn currency rewards (VM) and follow the adventures in UnderEarth.

Using blockchain technology players will purchase unique NFTs/Character Cards (What is an NFT) in order to battle other players for cash and fame. 
The NFT itself will act as a unique store of value with rarer cards having more powerful stats and thus be worth more. 
Players will take it in turns to select a category to battle in (Age, Influence, Fame, Power, Combat, Magic, and Rarity), the one with the highest stat wins that round best of 4 rounds, if a tie the rarity score will decide the winner.   

Versus Mode

Play to earn
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A running story will be played out in-game with a daily graphic novel scene being presented to players creating lore and engaging players with characters. Places characters, weapons, and all different manors of lore will be used as bonus cards that will be made randomly available for players to use to boost their NFTs stats in-game. The graphic novel cut scenes will also be made into NFT's and can be collected by fans. The story will take place in UnderEarth. Four battling Kingdoms fight for control of territory while the religious leaders of the main religion, Harmony, struggle to suppress a dark secret. We will follow the story and the adventures of a Princess and her suiters as they struggle to stop all-out war in the Kingdoms while battling enemies in the shadows.


Character cards (The NFTs) created in the first round that you are a part of will slowly be introduced as characters adding to their value. You may get a Character that is chosen as The King of Kings in the Kingdom of Mons or you may only have an under King who owns a portion of land and pledges allegiance to the King of Kings. Maybe someday someone will become "Omnes Potentes" and rule all Kingdoms.

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April 2022

  • Private ICO,

  • Launch 1000 of 5000Female NFTs with the Prelude signature.

At 20% Sold 

  • Launch 5000 Male NFTs with the Prelude signature.

  • Launch Alpha Version of the game.

  • 1v1 mode low stakes.

  • Public ICO

At 50% Sold

  • Full game release, Season 1 story.

  • 10,000 Season 1 NFTs

  • Season 1 bonus cards

  • 1v1 Higher stakes/leagues

At 60% Sold

  • Open The Store

  • Additional NFT releases as demand see fit

  • Leader boards and weekly rewards

  • Trophy Cabinet and battle either Home or Away

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At 80% Sold

  • Season 2 Story 

  • Season 2 Signed NFTs

  • Land Purchase available

At 100% Sold

  • Season 3

  • Crafting and Breeding

  • Domination - A new faction/team-based mechanic

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VM Tokenomics

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