Versus Mode Whitepaper 

Updated February 2022


Versus Mode is a Play to earn game on the Solana blockchain, players will collect cards (NFTs) and battle PVP for staked rewards. The NFT itself will act as a unique store of value with rarer cards having more powerful stats and thus be worth more. 
Players will take it in turns to select a category to battle in (Age, Influence, Fame, Power, Combat, Magic, and Rarity), the one with the highest stat wins that round best of 4 rounds, if a tie the rarity score will decide the winner.  

A running story will be played out in-game with a daily graphic novel scene being presented to players creating lore and engaging players with characters. Places characters, weapons, and all different manors of lore will be used as bonus cards that will be made randomly available for players to use to boost their NFTs stats in-game. The graphic novel cut scenes will also be made into NFT's and can be collected by fans.

The universe has a player-owned economy where players can truly own, buy, sell, and trade resources they earn in the game through skilled-gameplay, crafting and contributions to the ecosystem.

Versus Mode Map.jpg

Land will be available to purchase in the form of an NFT this will provide owners with passive income of a resource. Resources can be traded or will be combined to craft bonus cards, army units and breed new player cards. A faction mode will be introduced where different factions fight for control of the map and its resources. Land owners will pledge allegiance to first a Kingdom then a faction, if their land is occupied by either a rival faction or Kingdom production penalties will apply on that land, incentivizing landowners to back factions in their area. 

Factions will be granted the land owners production penalty as a bonus, incentivizing them to take land that is not pledged to them. Factions will only be able to craft certain army units and bonus cards if they own land with that production bonus. 

Economy & Tokenomics

A key difference between Versus Mode and a traditional game is that Blockchain economic design unlocks the ability to have complex player-owned economies and reward players who are able to reach advanced levels of skill. Players are able to have fun and work towards ambitious goals while simultaneously earning potential resources that will have real monetary value due to an open economic system and demand from other players - “Play-and-Earn”.

Players will be able to gain more resources to advance in the game by taking actions such as:

  • Competing in Battles to win leaderboard prizes and $VM or $MANP or $CRAFT

  • Crafting and selling bonus cards

  • Owning Land

  • Being part of a faction

  • Collecting and speculating on rare cards such as Prelude Collections, main story characters.


$VM (Virtual Money) - Versus Mode governance token Capped @ 27,000,000.

$MANP (Man Power) - Utilitiy Token for crafting ingame, uncapped. 

$CRAFT (Crafting points) - Utility Token for domination game mode, uncapped.


The economy of the game will have several aspects. 

Battles PvP Standard: Rewarded in $MANP max = $2

Tournaments PvP: Rewarded in $MANP or NFT

Battles PvP Wager: Stake $VM winner takes all - 10% fee

Passive (Land Owners): $MANP or $CRAFT

Faction: $MANP or $CRAFT

Crafting bonus cards: Players will be able to craft bonus cards that can be used in-game or sold on the marketplace.

Different levels/types of bonus cards will cost different amounts of $MANP which will be burnt on creation.

Crafting new character cards: Breeding limit set to each card with an increasing cost (TBC) cards will cost $VM and $MANP to create with x amount being burnt. Can be used or sold.

Owning Land: Land sections will be NFTs and have different attributes, they may passively earn $MANP or $CRAFT, enabling the creation of unique bonus cards or Army units.

Factions: Earn $MANP and $CRAFT for members, the more land a faction controls the more bonus $MANP and $CRAFT penalties in rewards for inactive members. Paid weekly. Seasonal winners. 

Domination game mode (turn-based and time limited. : Factions battle for sections of the map using Armies created using $CRAFT and $MANP character cards staked in an army provides a passive bonus to army strength. 




Character Cards: Required to play the game, all have unique attributes

Bonus Cards: A boost to an attribute in PvP 

Land: Unquie section of land with its own passive attributes

Army Units: Unit cards used in domination


- Displayed in the player's Trophy room

Story: Daily graphic novel section turned into an NFT, Chapter 1 scene 2 2/3

Trophies: Rewarded for win runs or tournament wins 

Collector Card: Cool NFT of a place/sword/animal that appears in the story

Faction Crest: Display your allegiances


Character NFTs will be purchased at first on, once Versus Mode marketplace is live Character Cards will be available to be purchased there too, all additional playable and collection NFTs will only be available from the Versus Mode marketplace using $VM

Versus Mode banner

Token Distribution $VM

Token Distribution (1).png

Versus Mode Princieples

In this new and exciting time for the NFT game market, there are many scams and rug pulls to be aware of. We at Versus Mode wish to be as transparent as possible with our players and investors.

All dev chats will take place on the Discord server this will be available to view by stakeholders of a certain level.

VM will act as our governance token giving players their say.

Team, advisors, and private sale tokens will all be subject to a vesting period.

We will look to slowly move the game to a more decentralized form. 

The company will look to introduce a carbon emission offset program as soon as is viable. 

Regular AMAs with the team. 

Accounts publications.